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  1. Tuition Payments. All fees are payable in advance. Teachers do not handle or receive payments. Class sizes are very limited, therefore pre-payment is required. If payment is not received, student may lose his or her place in class. Reservations for future Production Classes may be made in advance with minimum 50% payment.
  2. TUITION REFUNDS.  100% Refund three days before first class. 80% Refund 2 days before first class and before taking second class. 50% Refund after taking second class, before third class. No refunds after student has taken second class for any reason.
  3. TEE SHIRTS REFUNDS must be pre ordered and are non refundable.
  4. Missed Classes. Classes missed for any reason may be made up by attending class on another day of the week at another location. This may be done any time, but please inform instructor or call our office to confirm. Students are welcome to do a make up class the following week, i.e. taking 2 classes the same week: their primary location plus make up class.
  5. Cancellations due to poor weather conditions. Notification via text message will be sent. Missed classes due to poor weather may be made up as stated above, by attending a class at another location. Each location is on the same lesson plan schedule.
  6. Drop Off and Pick Up. Please walk your child into the building before class and come into the building at the end of class to escort your child out. Instructors are not responsible for children before class start time or class end time. Parents are welcome to stay, but please sit in the back of the room or out in the hall. Please be quiet during class so children can concentrate.
  7. Parent Positive Attitude. Students, as well as parents are expected to maintain an open compliant attitude regarding part assignments, solos and teamwork. The “Dance Moms” mentality, attitude and behavior are not welcome at Alabaster Theatre. Students will be treated as fairly as possibly and are expected to work together and be supportive to one another. Favoritism is avoided at all costs. All students will be involved based on what the instructor deems appropriate, and parents and students are expected to respect the instructor’s judgment.   No refunds will be given for a student quitting because they didn’t get the part they expected.
  8. Class Attire should be comfortable clothing. Ballet slippers or light tennis shoes. Please change out of BOOTS for class. No stocking feet. NO FLIP FLOPS. Bring a water bottle with child’s name on it.
  9. Performances are always the last week of class during the regular class time. Show will start 30 minutes after student arrival to allow time for warm ups and preparation., i.e. come at 6:30 pm for 7:00 pm show. Friends and family are welcome. Shows are simplified versions of stories and music and are approximately 20 to 30 minutes long.
  10. Costumes are the responsibility of parents to provide. Specific instructions for costuming will be given at the time of part assignments. Costumes should be kept simple and inexpensive. Costumes will be needed for Dress Rehearsal (the week before the show) and of course for the show itself. Please come to class in costume. Child appropriate make up should be applied before arrival, i.e. blush and lip gloss.
  11. Snack Buddies. Students will take turns provided a snack to share at the end of each class. Snack Buddy will be assigned the week before. Bags of chips or pretzels, juice boxes, granola bars, homemade cookies J. Keep it simple, easy and able to be carried home.
  12. Nobility and Humility. Alabaster’s mission is build outstanding young people through the performing arts and support parents’ efforts in the same, instilling confidence, character development, integrity, compassion, kindness and gratitude to God for His gifts.